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Barcelona, 24/01/64

With a degree in photography from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Barcelona University in 1987, his professional activities have always been associated with the world of image, as a photographer, illustrator and art director in the field of publicity. Since 1993 he has been working as a virtual sculptor for 3D environments. In 1995 he abandoned the publicity world to dedicate more time to sculpture, while continuing with the production of images and in due course, design.

From the beginning, he has been characterised by combining a solid academic training in traditional art media (drawing, painting and sculpture) with a constant search for new resources. This has led him to incorporate in the creative process elements that correspond to the field of technology, such as 3D modelling programs, the intensive use of the digital brush and even CAT (computerised axial tomography). This interest in science is also reflected in his use of anamorphosis, fractal geometry and chaos theory. If, to this, we are to add his training as a photographer and years of experience in the processing and retouching of digital images, the result is one of a work difficult to catalogue, as it does not recognise the boundaries between the different artistic languages. His is a work that moves – at times literally – with a single purpose: to compose and give birth to a new world.

“My aim is not to copy nature, yet neither do I wish to forget it; in constant dialogue with it, my endeavour is to re-interpret it through a view of my own”